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Great News for Live Music

We are delighted at the Govt announcement of a vital economic support package for the culture sector and for the first time ever, has recognized the term Grass Roots Music Venues.

Following an open letter from the Music Venue Trust the Govt. has announced that an  investment package for music venues like The Piano Works will be available shortly. This is great news and we thank both the Music Venue Trust (MVT) and the Oliver Dowden the culture secretary for making this vital support a reality.

Over the past five years we have nurtured and showcased countless brilliant musicians. We are one of the largest employers of independent musicians in the country spending over £1.2 million yearly on providing our over 70 highly talented musicians with regular work to the delight of our enthusiastic audiences.

As live music is not  currently permitted our freelance performers have earned zero income since 16th. March. They are all desperate to perform again and welcome you back. Our musicians need an audience as much as we need to hear live music, but applause is not enough they need to be allowed to get back to work and earn money.

Cleide Silva a regular customer echoes the great passion from our audience that we’ve heard so often ” If there’s one thing I’ve missed more than prosecco it is live music “

We are taking bookings from September but we really hope that the Govt. will #LetTheMusicPlay much sooner.

We also had some very exciting projects in the pipeline that will provide even more work for musicians, performers and technical team that looked like they would struggle to come to fruition, but just maybe we can dare to dream again and provide more desperately needed work and employment for our beloved sector of Grass Roots Music Venues.

Until then, we’d love to see you in one of our live streaming events, so make sure to follow us on social and don’t forget to let us double your bar tab.


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