The Piano Works audience requested non - stop live music venues in Farringdon and London's West End demonstrated their safety measures to Sky News this evening.. These measures will be introduced when live music, dancing and singing are given a green light by the Govt. to resume.

Before joining the queue guests will have their temperature checked by a thermal imaging camera accurate to within point three of a degree,, then enter a personal protection tunnel that will remove 99.9% of any trace of virus, then to an ID scan to capture their details and then to a track and trace app.
At the end of the night a Purifog machine will strerilize the whole venue.
The floor will be marked with vinyl  disc stickers keeping customers one metre apart and on stage perspex screens will help musicians feel protected.
Tristan Moffat Operations Director for The Piano Works who was interviewed says
' We need to reassure our guests that we are doing all we can to keep them safe, we dress our security as gamekeepers for the same reason.
These safety measures have not been seen combined in the UK before, we believe that putting together the best technology available will help our guests feel it 's OK to watch great musicians perform once more'
The Piano Works provides regular work to over 70 hugely talented musicians spending over £1.2 million each year. their repertoire is requested by the audience.
As freelance performers they have been unable to earn any money since March, they are desperate to welcome their loyal audiences back.

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