We're so excited to reopen on the 4th September

Watch our Reopening safety measure summary by sky news

Health and Safety has always been at the heart of what we do. Whilst we’ve been in lock-down we’ve reflected on our experience and added the following measures, which will help to keep everyone safe without compromising too much on non-stop live music, dancing or socialising.

1. Every guest will be asked to walk through our state-of-the-art personal protection spray
tunnel, which  sprays antiviral dry mist from head to toe in seconds. The mist provides full body coverage and reduces the risk of transmission by deactivating any virus particles that are present on clothes or exposed skin. 

2. Our guest’s and staff’s temperature will be checked upon entry with our thermal imaging cameras, which is accurate to within point three of a degree.

3. In addition to our requirement for all guests to have their ID scanned on arrival, we’ll require our guests to provide contact details through a track and trace system. 

4. At The Piano Works you’re deciding our playlist. Our song request sheets, which you’ll find on your table will be swapped for every new group of guests.

5. Once inside the venue, guests will notice vinyl disc stickers lining the floor to help customers keep one metre apart. Aside
from marking the required 1m distance, each of these record shaped floorstickers showcase one of the most requested songs within The Piano Works. 

6. The musicians will be shielded with Perspex screens so that they too feel extra protected.

7. At the end of the evening, an official PuriFog machine will thoroughly clean, hygienise and disinfect the entire venue, leaving it free from viruses, germs and bacteria. Its effectiveness is more than 1700 times higher than a normal spray system, so guests can take solace in knowing that the venue is 100% sanitised. 

8. Hand sanitiser stations throughout the venues.

9.  Staff and management COVID, Health and Safety and Food Safety training. 

10.  Intense staff cleaning regime.

We’ll always adhere to government guidelines and may add or tweak the list above in preparation for our Grand Re-opening in the first week of September 2020. 

See you soon.