The Piano Works

Friends List

Friends List


8PM - 9PM

£7.50 pp (discounted from £15)

Book in advance

We don’t believe in VIP’s but we do believe in mates rates and that’s exactly what you get when you book onto our Friends List. Half price entry on the busiest nights of the week. Come in between eight and nine at the weekend and enjoy the party atmosphere and up for it crowd.

We’re open til late on weekends so once you’re in you’re sorted for all night long. Just make sure you’ve got enough song requests up your sleeve, hey? You do need to book in advance but the good news is you don’t need to pre-pay.

Friends List


11PM - 2AM



Are you the fashionably late type? Or always like to have a plan for afters? For when you don’t want the night to end we recommending securing yourself a spot on our 11pm Friends List. This is our little treat to the late night owls, as well as entry we’ll also give you a drink on the house.

Choose your free drink from a single spirit and mixer, small glass of wine, bottle of beer or two soft drinks. Whatever you pick it’s only the beginning of the best part of your night as our in-house musicians bring request after request to life. We’ll see you on the dancefloor.

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