So it has reached the day where my time at UCL is coming to an end. Final days of lectures have been and gone, we are into the final term full of just coursework and exams and blogging lol. The thought of not having to sit through a lecture again fills me with joy, and what better way to celebrate than to go out for drinks and food with your mates??? (there isn’t a better way). 

After one of those long conversations in a group chat were no one can decide where to eat, Emily said she found a place she wanted to try. A quick look at the menu online and the words “happy hour” was all the convincing that we needed. When we went, there was a “pre-theatre” menu, which was 2 courses for £15 (note: I checked their website recently and I think since we went they no longer do the pre-theatre deal). Of course, this did mean that we got there at 5pm, the opening time (and also happy hourrrrrrrrrr).

After walking down some random street in Farringdon, we see this dark building with barriersoutside, forming a queue. There was no one there, this place is going to be dead, I thought. After a few minutes waiting for the opening, crowds started to gather and we were finally let through the red rope, down the stairs and into the main bar.

This place is fabulous! There are two grand pianos in the centre of the bar, which makes sense given the name. The Piano Works prides itself on being one of the only bars in London for having consistent live music throughout the night, and they did not let us down! The tables all have seats that swivel round so you can turn to see the pianists in action, and they even have little pieces of paper on your tables for you to choose songs that would want them to play!!! 2 minutes into the building and we already knew it was going to be a good time.

What about the food?

As this place orientates itself as being mainly a bar, I didn’t expect the food to be that great (but I also wasn’t expecting Wetherspoons style food either, just to make that clear). The 2 course set menu gives you a choice of either a starter and main, or main and dessert. With there being around 4 options per course, with additional options for the main. Here’s a link to the current menu for you to see for yourself .

Me being me, instead of choosing something classy like steak, I decided to wipe the new lipstick off my face by ordering pork ribs: I must say these ribs were phenomenal. The meat literally fell right off the bone, meaning I could be a sophisticated lady and eat with a knife and fork (instead of gnawing into the bones like a member of the Flinstones). The sauce was spectacular, I have to say I am a fan of the JD + BBQ combo, and have had this in other places. It was not too sweet either, there was an underlying salty and smokiness to the meat that balanced out the sauce. The fries were standard, but the salad was what surprised us the most. We all had side salads on our plates and came to the same conclusions: whatever the hell that dressing was, was revolutionary! Never did I think I would be eating a salad if it was on the same plate as ribs and chips! IMG_1487

Then came the second course. This was a bit of a surprise to us as on the menu it just said ‘chocolate‘ and our waiter did not do the best job in explaining to us what it was.IMG_1488

This dessert was amazing. I sometimes can get a bit iffy with chocolate mousse cakes if the bottom layer gets soggy but this one was perfect. The mousse was very thick and dense, perhaps not as airy as it should be, but I didn’t care. The raspberry topping cut through the sweetness greatly, it was more of sour, sharp raspberry flavour, which was a perfect accompaniment to the rich mousse. Safe to say I was very satisfied after this dessert mmmmmmmmm.

And the drinks?

It is a bar after all…The drinks were fab. Happy hour was while we had our table to we made the most of it! 4 pornstar martinis please! img_1485.jpg

Is The Piano Works worth the money?

YESSSSSS!!!! Please go it’s such a great bar set up with the live music. The food is great too and if you get a deal you can get some real good value for money. I will be going back.

Until next time,

Sophia xoxo