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There’s nothing better in the world, than the song that you requested played live whilst sipping a cocktail

Happy HOurS: From Thursday - Friday 5pm - 7pm, Saturdays from 11:30am - 1pm and 4pm - 7pm

Moet & Chandon NV Glass – £6.50 Bottle £36.00, Selected Cocktails for £ 5.50

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From Thursday – Friday 5pm – 7pm, Saturdays from 11:30am – 1pm and 4pm – 7pm

Moet & Chandon NV Glass – £6.50 Bottle £36.00

Moet & Chandon Imperial Rose NV Glass – £6.50 Bottle £36.00

Prosecco Doc, Frizzante Ca’bolani, Cervignano del fruili, Italy – Bottle £12.50 Magnum £25.00

Selected Cocktails – £5.50

Almond & hazelnut sour, porn star martini, espresso martini, mojito, margarita, caipirinha, long island ice tea, cosmopolitan, cocktail of the week (ask your server for this week’s special)

Double Spirit and Mixer – £5.50

Finlandia vodka, Bacardi carta blanca, Jack daniels, Bombay sapphire

Draft – curious brew – £4.00 Budweiser £3.50

Bottle – curious apple cider £3.50 Budweiser £3.00

Bottles of House Wine – £10.00

House White – Santo isidro de pegoes, peninsula de Setubal, Portugal

House Red – santo isidro de pegoes, peninsula de Setubal, Portugal

House Rose – stella Rosado, peninsula de Setubal, Portugal

If your favourite classic isn’t listed, ask our talented bar tenders!


Mojito Served Seven Ways – £9.50 SOUR

Classic – Bacardi

Coconut – Havana especial and koko kanu float

Passion fruit – Bacardi and crème de mure float

Vanilla – Havana club 3yo and vanilla syrup

Spiced – Bacardi spiced rum

Ginger – Bacardi giner rum

Raspberry – Bacardi raspberry rum


Margarita –  £9.50 SOUR

Patron silver tequila, Cointreau, fresh lime juice and a dash of orange


Almond and Hazelnut Sour – £9.50 SOUR

Disaronno almond liqueur, Frangelico hazelnut liqueur, egg white, crushed almonds and hazelnut and fresh lemon


Caipirinha – £9.50 SOUR

Sagatiba cachaça, white sugars and fresh lime


Red Robin – £11.00 SOUR

Patrón silver tequila, patron citronge orange, egg white, raspberries and garnished with fresh raspberries


Long Island Ice Tea – £9.50 SOUR

Finlandia vodka, Bombay sapphire, Bacardi white rum, olmeca tequila, Cointreau orange liqueur, fresh lemon juice, dash of fresh orange juice, layered over cola and finished with a lemon wedge.


Gin Daiquiri – £11.00 SOUR

Beefeater pink gin, egg white, fresh lemon juice, cane sugar syrup, strawberry puree, coconut puree and finished with a haribo heart sweet


Lynchburg Lemonade – £9.50 SOUR

Jack daniel’s Cointreau, angostura bitters, lemonade, fresh lemon juice and kwai feh lychee liqueur float


Belvedere Espresso Martini – £12.00 CREAMY

Vanilla infused belvedere vodka, black fire coffee tequila liqueur and espresso coffee


Brandy Alexander Twist – £11.00 CREAMY

Hennessy vs, kahlua coffee liqueur, butterscotch and double cream


Chilled Irish Coffee Twist – £11.50 CREAMY

Slane irish whiskey, kahlua coffee liqueur, egg white, espresso coffee and dark chocolate


Blue Pina Colada – £11.00 CREAMY



Porn Start Martini – £11.50 FRUITY

Finlandia vodka infused with vanilla, prosecco, passoã passion fruit liqueur, passionfruit purée and fresh passionfruit


Zombie – £13.50 FRUITY

Appleton estate vx rum, Bacardi spiced rum, Cointreau, apricot brandy, wray and nephew rum, angostura bitters, absinthe, grenadine, fresh pressed pineapple juice and fresh orange juice


Mai Tai – £12.00 FRUITY

Bacardi ono, Bacardi spiced rum, Cointreau, apricot brandy, angostura bitters, woods overproof navy rum, orgeat syrup, fresh orange juice, pressed pineapple juice and lime


Absolut Berry – £11.00 FRUITY

Absolut raspberry vodka, pernod, raspberry purée, fresh lime juice, mint and raspberries


Cosmopolitan – £9.50 FRUITY

Absolut citron vodka, Cointreau orange liqueur, fresh lime juice and cranberry juice finished with flamed orange zest


Gin Bramble – £9.50 FRUITY

Beefeater gin, fresh lime huice, crème de mûre blackberry liqueur and fresh blackberries


Summer Punch – £11.00 FLORAL


Basement Garden – £11.00 FLORAL

Bombay sapphire, st germain elderflower liqueur, fresh sage, rosemary and lime


Tropical Rumball – £9.50 OTHER

Bacardi spiced rum, tropical redbull and fresh lime


Old Fashioned – £12.00 OTHER

Woodford reserve whiskey, orange and mint infused sugar and orange bitters


Bombay sapphire, prosecco, elderflower cordial and fresh lemon juice


Manhattan £11.00 OTHER

Jack daniel’s rye reserved your choice of

Sweet – Martini rubino and maraschino cherry

Dry – Martino extra dry and fresh  orange zest

Prefect – Mixture of both with maraschino cherry


Negroni – £9.50 OTHER

Beefeater gin, Campari and martini riserva rubino


Bloody Mary – £10.50 OTHER

Absolut pepper vodka, isle of white pure organic tomato juice, spices and secret bloody mary mix



House White

Santo Isidro de pegões, peninsula de Setúbal, Portugal

£3.90 | £5.40 | £7.70 | £23.00


Semillon Chardonnay

Saddle creek, new south wales, Australia

£4.20 | £.590 | £8.60 | £25.00


Sauvignon Blanc

Vellas, Valle Central, Chile

£4.40 | £6.10 | £8.60 | £26.00


Columba Bianca

Grillo ‘vitese’, Sicily, Italy

£5.10 | £7.00 | £9.90| £30.00


Pinot Grigio

Venezie Giulia, Veneto, Italy




Pazo do mar, coral do mar, Galicia, Spain



Bacchus Reserve

New Hall, Essex, England



Chardonnay ‘1300’

Andeluna, Mendoza, Argentina



Sauvignon Blanc

Faultline, Malborough, New Zealand




Domaine de l’elite, Burgundy, France




Domaine Merlin-cherrier, Loire, France



Albariño ‘O Con’

Xosé Lois Sebio, Galicia, spain





House Red

Santo Isidro de pegões, peninsula de Setúbal, Portugal

£3.90 | £5.40 | £7.70 | £23.00


Cabernet Sauvignon

Tierra antica, valle central, chile

£4.20 | £5.90 | £8.20 | £25.00



Tournée du sud, Pays d’oc, France

£5.10 | £7.00 | £9.90 | £30.00


Merlot Reserva

Viña Echeverria, Curico valley, Chile

£5.90 | £8.40 | £10.90 | £31.00



Domaine des cigalounes, rhône, France



Rioja Reserva

Ondarre, Rioja, Spain



Cabernet Merlot

Lake Breeze, Langhorne, Australia




Andeluna, Medoza, Argentina



Pinot noir

Viña ventolera, san Antonio, chile



Château la sauvageonne

Gérard Bertrand, Languedoc Roussillon, France





House Rose

Stella Rosado, Peninsula de Setubal, Portugal

£3.90 | £5.40 | £7.70 | £24.00


English Rose

Chapel down, Tenterden, England



Primitivo Rose

San Marzano, Apulia, Italy



Pinot Gris Rose

Saint Clair, Malborough, New Zealand



SPARKLING WINE (125ml / Bottle)


Prosecco Doc

Frizzante Ca Bolani, Cervignano del Friuli, Italy

£6.70 | £35.00



Vino Spumante Brut, Gambellara, Italy

£6.70 | £35.00



Borgo San Leo Brut, Veneto, Italy

£8.60 | £40.00


Becks 275ml £5.00

Brooklyn Larger 330ml £5.90

Corona 330ml £5.90

Desperados 330ml £5.90?

Punk IPA 330ml £5.90

Peroni 330ml £5.90

Budweiser 330ml £6.20

Heineken 400ml £7.00


(Farringdon only Corona draft) – Renato to send prices

Budweiser half pint £3.20

Budweiser pint £6.30

Budweiser pitch (4 pint) £21.00

Curious brew half pint £3.50

Curious brew pint £6.90

3L curious brew dispenser (five and a bit pints) £35.00

Self-serve keg (52 and a bit pints) – pre order only £315.00



White Claw Black Cherry 330 ml £ 5.90

White Claw Raspberry 330 ml £ 5.90

White Claw Mango 330 ml £ 5.90

White Claw Natural Lime 330 ml £ 5.90



Savanna light cider (both venues – west end to get) £

Curious apple cider 330ml £5.90

Rekorderlig strawberry and lime 500ml £6.50

Rekorderlig passionfruit 500ml £6.50

Aspall premier cru cider 500ml £6.90



St Germain Spritz

St Germain elderflower liqueur, elderflower cordial, fresh lime juice and soda – with prosecco £10.50, with Perrier-jouet NV champagne £12.50


Aperol Spritz

Aperol, fresh orange and lemon – with prosecco £10.50, with Perrier-jouet NV champagne £12.50


Martini Fiero Spritz £10.50

Martini fiero, franklin & sons pink grapefruit tonic and fresh grapefruit


Champagne Cocktails


French 75 £11.00

Moet & Chandon, Bombay sapphire, limoncello and fresh lemon juice


Bellini / Rossini – £11.00

Moet & chandon with a choice white peach or strawberry


The Champagne julep – £11.00

Perrier-jouet NV, woodford reserve whiskey, white sugar and fresh mint


CHAMPAGNE (125ml, Bottle, Magnum)


Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut NV

£10.50 | £62.00 | £124.00 (magnum)


Perrier-jouet Grand Brut NV £11.50 | £63.00 | –


Moet & Chandon Imperial Rose NV£85.00


Perrier-jouet blazon rose NV £85.00 


Veuve Clicquot Yellow Brut NV £86.00 | £170 (magnum)


Bollinger Special Cuvee NV £96.00 | £190.00 (magnum)


Laurent Perrier Rose Brut NV  £120.00 | £240.00 (magnum)


Dom Perignon Brut Vintage £200.00 | £400.00 (magnum)


Perrier-jouet Belle Epoque Vintage £230.00 


Louis Roederer Cristal Vintage £300.00 

Nosecco – bottle £15.00

Scavi & Ray Alcohol free sparkling wine 75cl


Peroni Libera – £5.00

0.0% 330ML


Brew Dog Punk – £4.50

alcohol free IPA 330ML


Kopparberg – £5.00 

Alcohol free strawberry and lime 500ml


Annie’s got your gin £7.00

Seedlip Spice 94, elderflower cordial, Franklin and Son’s Elderflower and cucumber tonic water, lime wedges and fresh mint


No-groni – £7.00

Everleaf bitter sweet aperitif, Franklin and Son’s rhubarb and hibiscus tonic, grenadine and dehydrated orange. 


Apple mojito – £5.50

Maynard house apple juice, fresh lime and mint


Tropical bull- £5.50

Red bull tropical, fresh lime and mint


Virgin mary- £5.50

Isle of white pure organic tomato juice, spices and secret bloody mary mix with fresh celery





Franklin & Sons Indian Tonic 200ml £2.00

Franklin & Sons light tonic 200ml £2.00

Franklin & Sons pink grapefruit 200ml £2.00

Franklin & Sons elderflower tonic 200ml £2.00

Franklin & Sons Sicilian lemon tonic 200ml £2.00

Franklin & Sons ginger ale 200ml £2.00

Franklin & Sons rhubarb tonic 200ml £2.00

Franklin & Sons rosemary tonic 200ml £2.00

Franklin & Sons ginger beer 200ml £2.00

Belu sparkling water 500ml £2.40

Belu still water 500ml £2.40

Cranberry juice 250ml £2.70

Diet Coke Icon 330ml £3.00

Coke zero icon glass 330ml £3.00

Coke icon glass 330ml £3.70

Isle of white pure organic tomato juice 250ml £3.70

Fresh orange juice 250ml £3.70

Fresh pressed pineapple juice 250ml £3.70

Maynard house apple juice 250ml £3.70

Red bull energy drink (original, sugar free, tropical) 250ml £3.50

Post mix soft drinks (glass – lemonade, coke) 250ml £3.50


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Available at all times

Mixed olives and feta cheese (GF, V) £4.50

Bread board (V) £4.50
with sourdough, mixed olive levain, and focaccia bread served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Bread board vegetables (V) £6.00
with sourdough, mixed olive levain, and focaccia served with tapenade and caponata

Fishless fingers (VE, V) £6.00
 with vegan tartare sauce

Fries (VE, V, GF) £4.00

Sweet potato fries (VE, V, GF) £5.00


Truffle fries (V, GF) £5.50
with truffle oil and torched parmesan

Nachos (V, GF) £7.00

with salsa, melted cheddar cheese, american melted cheese sauce, guacamole and sour cream

On Fridays and Saturdays please ask your server if the below items are available for order

The Piano Works Beef burger £12.00

served with wholegrain mustard mayonnaise slaw, house tomato relish, monetary jack cheese and fries

BBQ pulled Jackfruit vegan cheese burger (V, VE, N) £12.00
house tomato relish and fries served on a beetroot and sesame seed bun

Chicken burger £12.00
with crushed avocado and celeriac slaw with fries

Beef Burger sliders x8 £18.00 

Beef patty mustard mayo, lettuce

Vegan sliders x8 (V, VE) £18.00
BBQ pulled jack fruit and vegan cheese served on a beetroot and sesame seed bus

Chicken burger sliders x8 £18.00
 with crushed avocado and celeriac sherry slaw and fries

Dirty fries £10.00
with beef chili, melted cheddar cheese jalapenos topped with sour cream

Vegan dirty fries (V, VE) £10.00
with chilli, vegan cheese topped with jalapenos

Buffalo chicken x15 (GF) or vegan wings x15 (VE, V) £12.00
with frank’s hot sauce and either  blue cheese sauce (NV) or coconut and sweet chilli sauce (VE)

Salt and pepper squid £9.00
with chopped chilli, spring onion and aioli

Salt and pepper tofu bites (VE, V) £8.00
chopped chilli, spring onion and vegan aioli

Bucket of 30 wings of your choice with 12 bottles of budweiser beers or two bottles of prosecco