Tuesdays - The second worst day of the week, after Monday.

To brighten things up a little and to ease you into the mid-week, we thought we’d introduce a new idea and double up the early treats.

We now like to know the second day of the working week to officially be ‘Twosday’ here at the House of Song. This means that every Tuesday, you can enjoy 2 of our selected classically strange cocktails for £10 the whole night, 2 courses for £20 and of course, 2 pianists taking your song requests all night, joined by our full band later in the evening.

So Tuesdays are now the perfect chance to treat yourself to trying a few new cocktails or a couple of dishes from our steak menu whilst listening to the live music you request to hear the whole evening through.

If that’s not a good excuse for a date, we don’t know what is.