Staff Testimonials

I love working with such an amazing group of people who are all so dedicated in working together in delivering such an amazing concept

(Tristan- General Manager)

I love what I do because of the Incredible team around me

(Amie- Assistant General Manager)

Fast paced, creative, musical, and fun

(Michaela - Marketing Manager)

I love working here because I am really proud of our product

(Alexandra- Sales Manager)

Because it’s fun

(Rommel- Restaurant Manager)

The vibe, music, team and customers

(Alexandra- Sales Manager)

Because its different

(Dona- Waitress)

Very friendly environment, management care about us

(Fero- Chef)

Good environment, happy go lucky people

(Chris – Sous Chef)

Nothing seems like work when you’re having fun

(Abby- Sales Executive)

If there was an Oscar for the best colleagues, you lot would definitely get it

(Vykintas Rimkus- Marketing and Sales Executive)