“The hottest club in London”

“Britain’s nightclub culture might be in decline but THIS London bar is bucking the trend”

“Made in Chelsea at The Piano Works”

“Eat, drink and sing your heart out at The Piano Works”

“The Piano Works hits the right notes”

“This loud, rollicking bar is a place to come late, stay later still and dance until you drop”

“A throbbing, strobe-lit underground arena of live music”

“We suggest you grab a bunch of your friends and head over for a night of sing-a-longs, dancing, great food and fabulous drinks. You won’t regret it, we promise!”

“Nestled In a small corner just off Farringdon Road is The Piano Works, the answer to a classier night of food, fun and inebriation”


“It’s one of the funnest nights I’ve had this summer”

“whatever sh*t goes down on that stage is all down to you”
“London’s latest entertainment institution”

“Things get boozier, livelier & dancier”

“two pianists and a band play visitors’ favourite songs”

“The band will be your jukebox. There’s no VIP area, because everyone’s equal in The House Of Song”

“A Zombie with a twist”

“Every song was performed passionately and the crowd sang their hearts out ”

“You screw a dolla in a napkin with Oasis scrawled on it and the next minute you’re arm in arm with every Brit in the place. ”

“Apart from the fantasically talented artists performing, The Piano Works served outstanding cocktails”