Picture this - it’s an overcast late Saturday morning. You’ve got an itch for entertainment and an appetite to eat something other than a bowl of cereal in front of a repeat episode of Top Gear.

We’ve all been in the boat of awaiting a Saturday night out and feeling like it takes a century to come around. Or worse, the feeling of serious FOMO (the Fear Of Missing Out) when you can’t find anyone to look after the kids for the evening and your friends are off to hit the town, leaving you to a night of X Factor with a takeaway at best.

So we came up with something to fix your Saturday morning sorrow. Something that satisfies your palette, makes you sing and dance, as well as getting you a good amount of day-time drunk.

So let’s talk about our Saturday brunch.

You want a day-time party, we’ve got live music. You want food, we’ve got a unique brunch menu. You probably shouldn’t, but you want a drink… and we’ve got bottomless options.

To help organise all the excited thoughts that are probably now floating around your mind, we’ve put together a little step by step plan to give you an idea of what to do and what to expect if the description above summarised all of your Saturday morning problems.

Pull yourself off your sofa and put on your comfiest socially acceptable clothes. Feel free to dress up or down according to your preferred style.

Take a trip to Farringdon and make your way down into an atmospheric Victorian listed basement to be greeted by the sound of a familiar song from two human jukeboxes playing piano.

You’ll be greeted by one of our hosts, shown to your table and asked which bottomless drinks package, bloody marys or prosecco, you’d like to opt for (this is where it gets exciting).

You’ll spend the next two hours making the most of your bottomless beverage of choice (if you’re doing it properly) and ordering a range of food from the menu because you’re struggling to decide which dish appeals to you most - but it’s fine because it’s Saturday, so the diet’s off anyway and since when did brunch have rules?

You’ll put forward request after request written on napkins for our musicians to play, each one getting a little braver and a bit more shameful the tipsier you feel.

Stomach full and suitably not sober, the full band joined the stage an hour ago and you’ve been dying to get on your feet and dance to the most outrageously cheesy song your excited mind could come up with to request. It’s probably Spice Girls or 5ive - and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

You order another drink from the bar and make your way to the dance space, just in time for the opening of ‘Superstition’

(You’re not really sure what the time is anymore)
You’ve literally danced yourself dizzy but you have no intention of stopping. Those of your friends who went outside were horrified to find out it was still broad daylight. The concept of time was completely diminished the moment you stepped into the venue by the music, song and dance that surrounds you.

(It’s probably about 4ish? Maybe?)
The band stop playing to announce that it’s time for a sing-a-long, or as we like to call it here in the House of Song, ‘Can’t Sing Choir’ (pretty self-explanatory). Everyone will be given a sheet of paper with song lyrics to an absolute classic tune printed upon. The band will then guide every guest in the house into full chorus and we really, really encourage you to blow the roof off. You’ll feel great for it.

Party on or call it a day?
Not that you had any idea, but brunch is over and it’s almost time to start thinking about dinner (be it liquid or solid).
You are however, very aware that this party keeps on going until 1am.

The rest, is up to you.