Party Bar

80 standing capacity, 40 seated capacity

Venue Hire

400 capacity, 160 seated capacity

EAT - Brunch

Minimum of 6 guests is required to book on Saturdays



Drink - brunch

Minimum of 10 guests as a base for the afternoon with seating for approx 1 in 5 people



Half price entry between 9pm-10pm on Fridays and 8pm-9pm on Saturdays

Note that this does not entitle priority entry

Full door charge: £10

EAT - Dinner

Dinner sitting times  5pm or 7.15pm (Thursday - Saturday)

Parties of 8 or more will be required to pre-order

Card details will be required


Drinking tables are available to book from 5pm every day as a standing base for the evening, with seating for approx 1 in 5 people

Thursday, Friday and Saturday we require a minimum of 15 people to book

Card details will be required


A complimentary drink on arrival after 11pm only

A £10 entry charge will apply on Fridays and Saturdays

Note that this does not entitle priority entry


Do you have entry restrictions?

We are a strictly over 18s venue.

Do you allow all male groups?

Male only groups will be permitted entry to the venue however we do not allow male pre-wedding parties or football attire.

Entry is at the discretion of the venue management. Groups who are seen to be intoxicated or threatening will not be permitted entry to the venue. This also applies to pre-booked tables.

Do we need to queue?

Bookings for brunch and dinner receive free and priority entry for the time or their bookings.

Drinks table bookings will receive an hour free and priority entry from the time of their booking, with the exception of bookings at 9.30pm, which will receive 30 minutes free and priority entry.

For all bookings, at least 1 guest will need to arrive within 15 minutes of the booking time to secure the table.

The friends list or any other guests looking to join the venue will need to queue and pay an entry charge if applicable. Our busiest queue times are between 7:30pm-10:30pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

We do carry out security checks upon entry, so those with priority entry may still experience a short wait whilst we complete this. We advise all booking to arrive slightly early to help ensure ease of entry.

Do you have a cloak room?

Yes we do. We always advise you put your belonging in our cloak room for safe keeping.

You can put your bags in our cloak room for free and it is £2.00 for jackets.

Please be aware that all belongings left in the venue/cloakroom will be removed if they are not collected within 7 days.

Do you add a service charge?

A discretionary service charge of 12.5% will be added to all bills

Is there a dress code?

We don’t have a dress code, dress up or down, it’s your choice!

Fancy dress is not allowed.

Can you guarantee entry?

Entry is only guaranteed with a table booking for brunch, dinner or drinks. The friends list does not guarantee entry. We reserve the right to refuse any individual entry into the venue if necessary.
We get very busy at weekends and advise arriving before 19:30 for shortest wait times.

Do tables have a minimum spend?

No, our tables are free to book but require card details to secure. If you have a party of over 20 people for drinks and want to secure a booth, these have a £500 minimum spend outside of Christmas.

Will there be seating for everyone?

We will seat your entire party for dinner or brunch dining bookings. For drinking tables and brunch drinking bookings, we aim to seat approximately 1 in 5 members of your party, so not everyone will have a seat - but there’s plenty of space to dance!

What is your standard spirit measurement?

Our standard measurement is always (50ml) known as a double. If you would like to make it a single instead please tell your waiter or bar staff upon ordering.