Design My Night at Brunch

Back in June we had the pleasure of hosting the Design My Night team for brunch. Want to know how it went? Take a read... "The Piano Works is one of London’s best live music venues, and in February of this year they decided to get stuck into the city’s unstoppable...

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Let’s talk about brunch, baby.

Picture this - it’s an overcast late Saturday morning. You’ve got an itch for entertainment and an appetite to eat something other than a bowl of cereal in front of a repeat episode of Top Gear. We’ve all been in the boat of awaiting a Saturday night out and feeling...

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Winehouse Wednesdays – The Winners

Here in the House of Song, we like to hit all the right notes, not only with our music, but also with our wine. Since the launch of our now famed Winehouse Wednesdays a little under a year ago, we’ve seen customers venture far from the usual selections into a totally...

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Twosdays for Tuesdays

      Tuesdays - The second worst day of the week, after Monday. To brighten things up a little and to ease you into the mid-week, we thought we’d introduce a new idea and double up the early treats. We now like to know the second day of the working...

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It’s BRUNCH time baby!

A new year begins with a new us and we’re cooking up something exciting. As the only non-stop live music venue in a city of food lovers, we thought we’d add a twist to the standard quiet and quaint brunch experience. February 2017 brings the exciting launch of our new...

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